Our Heroes

Andrew was diagnosed with intracranial stenosis in 2013.  This is a thinning of the blood vessels in the brain and causes the sufferer to have mini-strokes on a regular basis.  Andrew has undergone lots of surgery and the condition has improved but he has had to be medically discharged from the Army after 20 years service.  Married with 2 daughters and a son Andrew wanted to remain in the Tidworth area as that is where he has lived with his unit for the past few years and both he and his family are settled there.  By using a combination of his savings, the proceeds from

Mandeep was shot in the leg whilst out on patrol in Helmand Province in May 2010.  The bullet fractured his right tibia.  Since being evacuated back to the UK for treatment Mandeep has undergone months of intensive physiotherapy to enable him to use his leg again.  Thanks to the doctors and his own perseverance Mandeep did not have to have his leg amputated and can now use it as he once did, if only for short periods of time.  The injury has left him with compartment syndrome.  Mandeep is married and wanted to live in Ashford in order that he could be close to the h

In 2009 Martyn was part of a mortar team covering a dangerous part of Helmand Province.  When a nearby patrol was attacked by Taliban insurgents a US Apache helicopter was called in to support but in a fatal ‘blue-on-blue’ incident mistakenly fired upon Martyn and his team instead of the Taliban fighters.  Martyn has injuries to his right side including his leg, hip, arm, hand and shoulder.  He also has PTSD.  Martyn owned a house in Taunton with his wife and three children but needed to move to Exmouth to be nearer to his support network of family and friend

In 2011 Chris was with 34 Field Squadron (Air Support), 25 Engineer Regiment.  He had been asked to load some stores on to a military vehicle but as he went to lower the tailgate it fell off and hit him on the head and back. Chris was knocked unconscious for half an hour.  Chris was taken to hospital and x-rayed but sent home with basic pain relief.  Later that night he suffered complications and he was readmitted to hospital for a few days to undergo tests.

Michael Courts, Royal Regiment of Scotland, was injured twice on two separate tours of Afghanistan.

Linden was part of a fire-support team operating out of a patrol base in Helmand Province.  In 2009, his callsign was engaging the Taliban when they requested air support.  Unfortunately the aircraft that was meant to support the team misidentified its target and Linden was severely injured in a friendly fire incident.

Roy Newport was a member of a Territorial Army Royal Military Police unit.  He deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and was assigned to mentor the Afghan National Police in areas of Helmand where some of the worst fighting with the Taliban was taking place.

In June 2009 Geraint was in a Jackal providing cover for a patrol. His vehicle drove over an IED. The blast was so severe that the mounted 40mm GMG was found 30 meters away from the wreckage. Geraint suffered 22 injuries.

George was in Afghanistan in November 2011 when he was shot in the head. His family feared the worst but he survived although part of his skull had to be removed to reduce pressure on his brain.

Pte Kiran Gurung, Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, was serving in Afghanistan in 2010 when the vehicle he was in struck a mine.  The vehicle took the force of the blast but Kiran suffered severe injuries as a result.